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Teyes Eye uses cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil which is the highest quality of coconut oil, is 100% natural, and contains no toxins or preservatives. It is derived from the first pressing of fresh, raw coconut without the addition of any chemicals. Gain healthy, luscious, voluminous hair with our organic extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil!

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an effective moisturiser, rejuvenator, and could help with moisturizing your hair and reducing breakage. It also protects your hair from protein loss and damage when wet, especially if applied prior to washing your hair, or when your hair is still wet. Finally, it protects your hair from harsh environmental damage such as wind, sun, and smoke.

Cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil also helps your hair and your scalp regain the moisture that it often loses in the dry and cold seasons.


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