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Excellent for new born babies and little children with delicate and sensitive skins.

This ultra rich moisturising cream would work wonders for children with dry skin conditions, with instant results in just a few hours after application.  Indulging your little one’s delicate skin in this rich mixture of 100% organic cold-pressed shea butter and 100% organic cold-pressed coconut infused in 100% cold-pressed organic almond oil will leave the skin intensely moisturised, soft, and protected all day long. The rich natural shea butter and coconut oil penetrate deep into the skin, creating a smooth, soft, and shimmering barrier that seals in moisture and leaves baby’s skin with a rich texture and natural glow.

It could also be applied after every nappy change or to treat nappy rash and eczema, benefiting from immense anti-inflammatory properties of this mild and soothing miracle combination.


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