Join 15-year-old visionary and entrepreneur/ Founder of Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics, Latoya Likambi for the Grand Opening of her organic Skincare and cosmetics shop in Liverpool on Saturday, 16th July 2022 and embark on a natural beauty regime or partner with her!

 “I want young girls and women to feel confident and beautiful in their natural skin, and not cover themselves up in makeup to hide their imperfections and natural beauty. Hence, creating 100% natural organic products that are gentle, kind, and beneficial to the skin, not only reveals our natural beauty, but helps nurture, nourish, and protect it.” Latoya Likambi

Liverpool’s 3X bestselling author, Latoya Likambi, is constantly creating and raising the bar higher for herself and her family! She is always up to something when not in school, studying, or writing books! What an exciting and fruitful year it has been for this youngster and positive role model for children. While many are slowing down, afraid to take risks, or having their businesses shut down, this youngster seems to be amongst the few who are still very optimistic and maximising/leveraging every given and disguised opportunity presented by a hostile and challenging economy to their advantage and benefit. She did not only publish her 3rd book during a pandemic, but also provided tremendous support and confidence tips and resources to her peers and a unique platform and an opportunity for other young children to publish with her; she is now taking her Skincare and Cosmetic Brand, Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics from online to a physical shop!

Latoya developed her love for creating cosmetics and skincare products in 2018 when her mother offered her a DIY Cosmetics Kit as one of her Christmas presents that year. No one would have thought that this would lead to a new business venture! The incredibly creative and visionary Latoya enjoyed every moment she spent working with her DIY cosmetics kit to create diverse cosmetics products and testing them on her, her friends, and her family. After several successful attempts with a lot of positive feedback from friends and family, Latoya decided it was time to take this new passion of hers further and become more creative with her own inventions. She wanted to be in control – from start to finish, invent her own products from scratch, and to stop relying on the pre-made bases and mixtures that came with her DIY kit.

Following a lot of research, inspiration, and testing…Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetic was born with a unique slogan, ‘Born to Stand Out’!

“I chose the name Teyes Eye to lay emphasis on the significance of everyone’s uniqueness and ability to stand out because we are all born to stand out.” Said the visionary founder, Latoya Likambi

Since the birth of Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics, Latoya has supplied high-quality products and customer service to her school friends, peers, family members, and at business events where she had been invited to speak and exhibit. She now has a reputable online presence, serving clients globally.

The Feedback from clients continues to be exceptional, with her family using exclusively Teyes Eye organic products for almost 4 years now. Latoya’s little brother suffered from a severely dry skin condition and very sensitive skin, and has been on special prescribed shower gels and creams from birth – until the birth of Teyes Eye’s Glow Bébé Miracle Cream for children with very sensitive and diverse skin conditions. The effect on him has been miraculous and he and his little sister have been on this product for almost four years now, with an amazingly soft and rich skin texture with a natural glow!

Contact us if you or your child would like to become an ambassador or distributor and get wholesale prices on all products and loads of other amazing opportunities and a chance to be featured on our website and blog.

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